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This is the food that the puppies are currently on. We have tried so many brands of food and this has been one of our favorites. It is a bit more expensive than some but it is worth the price. If you feed your dog cheap food that is full of fillers, your dog will need to eat more to feel full which means..... more poop. If you plan to change your puppies food just do it slowly, over time, to prevent an upset tummy and possible diarrhea.

Dogs with floppy ears tend to get infections more often. Cleaning their ears 1x a week will help prevent infections.

Cavalier breeds also tend to need extra care when it comes to their eyes because their eyes 'buldge' a bit more than other dogs. Proper eye care will keep your puppy more comfortable

We love natural products and this one is great for puppies. We prefer using a conditioner along with shampoo for  an extra soft coat and healthier skin

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We all know that puppies have accidents. Using the proper cleaner is am important step in preventing your puppy from returning to that same area to pee by eliminating the odor.

If you don't have time for a bath a waterless shampoo is a great product for a quick refresh. This stuff smells so good!  (This isn't an all natural product)

These dogs have hair that can quickly get matted if not taken care of. This comb is great at keeping hair smooth. We use this mostly for their ears and under their arms.

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These clippers are great for at home trimming. The guard is great at keeping the claws from being trimmed too high.


Super soft beds that fit perfectly into the Midwest crates.  We love these because they have a zipper which means you can wash the case!! Dog beds get really stinky.

water bowl

Water and/or food  bowls that are perfect for crates and stay put and last la long time.

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Dogs won't use their beds if they aren't comfortable. Our King Charles, Basil, loves her donut  bed. I mean, who wouldn't?

cuddle cup.jpg

Our cavachon, Georgie, has loved her cuddle cup since the day we brought her home.  She still sleeps in it at the foot of our daughters' bed

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Midwest makes really durable double door crates that have an adjustable divider which makes crate training much easier.


Kongs are perfect for keeping puppies occupied during crate training. Fill them with their favorite treat and a bit of peanut butter and they will be happy.

dog bells

If you don't have a doggy door using bells like these are a great alternative. We love that these include a dog bowl, potty bags and a clicker for training.

play pen

If your dog will be alone for long periods of time a play pen is a great way to keep them out of trouble. 


Super durable reflective dog leash

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Having a treat that your puppy will do anything for makes all training much easier. These can be broken into smaller pieces for puppies. Dogs prefer quality over quantity when it comes to treats.

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